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26 December 2011 @ 03:19 am
Under the cutCollapse )

sob I am the worst at gifts. I have no imagination.
[Miguel's feeding birds because Miguel is a friend to all the animals, and with all this snow it gotta be hard for them to find seeds and stuff right? He bought some a whole frikkin bag of bird flying-type seeds for cat-money (that he recieved after some proper use of The Face™), and you just might find him feeding the local flying types.]

[Nevermind that some of the local flying types are seven feet tall Doduos]
25 October 2011 @ 12:11 am
[See Miguel]

[See Miguel sitting in the Olivine Pokémon Center clearly addressing the 'Gear. He's holding a Pokéball in one hand and he is looking quite distressed.]

Does anyone have a Pokémon they don't want? Because, uh.. I caught this Pokémon and I.. I don't want it - cause it hates me. So I was wondering...

Does anyone want a bu- I mean, Tauros?

(ooc: The Tauros is unclaimed and free for all and best offer will be considered c:)
22 August 2011 @ 01:30 am
[Hello Johto, today you're treated with a quite terrible photo of a tree, and also Miguel's vaguely frantic voice]

Aaargh hell! What happened now? Did I break it? Did I- [The photo time-outs and the 'Gear switches back to video mode. You can clearly see that, yes, there is a big tree right there in view and there is something blue in it]

Oh, it's back to normal now?

Yes it is! Great! What was that, really? Suddenly the screen-thing froze, does anyone know why?

Anyway! Now!

[And the view zooms in on the blue thing in the tree that just so happens to be Tulio.]

Behold! One of nature's wonders! A monkey-person!
[Hello Johto! I suppose you're all fairly used to people getting their souls stolen by now huh? Well, Miguel isn't the most technology-savvy person on earth so he is blissfully unaware of what Shedinjas can do.]

[Which is why he dragged along Tulio to a nearby Route in order to look at them because Miguel is friend to all the animals Pokémons.]

[For the sake of why-the-hell-not he's also recording this, which basically means he turned on the 'gear and handed it to his Gabite. Said Landshark is for the record handling the 'gear fairly awkwardly, having no hands and all that.]

[What you can see at the moment is Miguel, dragging Tulio by his sleeve, and approaching a Shedinja. Whoops.

I don't trust them. They're CREEPY.

Oh but come one Tulio! Just one look! We've never seen these things before!

Oooh no. You're on your own, buddy.

[Aaaand while Tulio linefaces at a reasonable distance from the Shedinja, Miguel sneaks closer to it. And startles it. And as it flees, you all can guess what happens.]

[There's a pretty sickening thud as Miguel's lifeless body hits the ground, and the feed cuts out as the upset Gabite scrambles to his trainer]

(ooc: Blue is Tulio, Red is Miguel. Tags will come from Tulio (and a bewildered Gabite))
17 May 2011 @ 10:42 pm
Right, so, uuh. Hello.

So, uh.. Altanera - my hors- my Ponyta put me to sleep with.. with her eyes and.. ran off.

Soo if anyone's seen a horse on fire running around it's most likely mine.

(ooc: Altanera's Egg Move is Hypnosis and she doesn't afraid of anything. She's roaming around the outskirts of Goldenrod so feel free to tell if you have seen her!)
26 March 2011 @ 12:21 am
[The sun is shining. It's not windy, not even a slight breeze, and the sky is blue and devoid of clouds. It's a perfect day.]

[After documenting the fabulous weather for a while the view goes down to a Venusaur that's idly chewing on some grass.]

[It sloooowly pans over to the left to show a  Piloswine, just as large as the Venusaur - much bigger than they're supposed to be - standing beside it, also munching on some grass.]

[And between these monstrous Pokémon there's a teeny little Gible who clearly is not interested in the grass at all and just looks.. a little lost.]

Let me guess...

This little guy is gonna become just as big as the other two when he evolves, isn't he?
20 February 2011 @ 03:55 pm
[Hello Johto! Things have been pretty quiet on Miguel's end of the network because How do I technology. He's been mostly loitering around Goldenrod all day long Stealing? What do you mean he's been stealing? Some of you might remember his spectacular luck at the Game Corner. Well, today he finally discovered the prizes]

So, I bought this for all the Coins I won. [He holding a bright blue CD in his hands, turning it over and looking at it from all possible angles.]

The guy over at the prize corner it could teach a Pokémon a new move but I have no idea how it works.

It says [squint] Teee.. tech.. nii cal Maa. chiine. Technical Machine. It's an Ice Beam and I want to teach it to Cerdito because he can make snow and all, so I figured it would work but... how?
17 January 2011 @ 04:47 pm
[The feed flickers on, greeting you with the lovely colorful and sparkling scenery of a slot machine, along with the hustle and bustle and music that comes with the Goldenrod Game Corner. Aforementioned machine is being operated by an as-of-yet anonymous 'Gear holder.]

[There's a clutter-clink sound as a coin is dropped into an off-screen slot, and then the wheels go a-spinning.]

[Spinning, spinning....]




[Three koffings in a row! 25 Coins to the lucky player!]

[Private text to Tulio]Collapse )
07 December 2010 @ 11:39 pm
[Using the 'Gear. Yeah, Miguel knows he can use it to communicate with other people, real people, that's hundred of miles away, and he can even see them sometimes on this thing, but it's still kinda weird. In fact, it's really weird. things like this did not exist back there where he's from!]

[Here he is anyway, situated in a PokéCenter bed by the looks of it, and wrapped tightly in a thick, white blanket. Cerdito is snuggled up by his side, and so is another Pokémon. Both of them appear to be sleeping.]

H-hey you g-guys...

[He tries to offer a smile but his teeth are chattering away and the blanket doesn't seem to be warming at all.]

W-what the hell is u-up with all the... the white c-cold stuff?

[No, Miguel doesn't know snow. He being from 16th century Spain with the Medival warm period and all, you know. He's pretty chill (no pun intended) with it though, and considering all the weird stuff that's been happening since he got here, it's no -wonder- that it's gonna take more than an odd wheather change to faze Miguel.]

Ahah I c-can't say I want to go b-back out there, but I have no money to p-pay for a room so...
[Do Pokémon Centers provide free housing? Miguel doesn't know, and his for once not very convincing smile falters.]

Tulio, if you see this... I made it t-to Azalea.. and it's a really small t-town. Like, really r-really small. I can't  g-get any money. Just.. just so you know.

[Miguel is quite sure that he is either going to die or suffer through a horribly cold and painful night and then die if when he's sent back out into the terrible snow. This does not excite him. At all.]